XFrogPlants Asia Released

XFrog Inc. the makers of XFrogPlants, and CityLIFE sponsor, added a new collection of 180 models from Asia. The new library includes 20 species, each with nine 3D models of the plant in different ages and sizes for a total of 180 highly detailed, fully textured new models. This set of nine botanically correct ages and variations are modeled by hand, not randomly produced, to give maximum variety for instancing the models across a virtual terrain.

As I mentioned before – XFrogPlants are great, just remember to turn off filtering on the opacity maps for faster renders. Visit the XFrogPlants Asia page for the full information about this new collection.

Here are a few large previews…





And how they look inside Autodesk Maya using the xFrog version for that platform…



XfrogPlants are available in all popular formats: Maya, 3ds max, Cinema4D, Lightwave, OBJ, 3DS, and all zips include the XFR (Xfrog 3.5) format. Xfrog 3.5 users can easily edit any of the models for additional variations.