Unbiased GPU Rendering – OctaneRender vs FStormRender

Render engines have tendencies to pair up and wage “war” through the users mostly. Each one has a favorite and defends it. Geography seems to play this game too. V-Ray and Corona seem to be such a pair. Maxwell Render and Fryrender were in the past. It’s silly really, as the only real reason to choose one over the other is how it fits with your style / pipeline / project / maybe a state of mind too (or age). No point fighting over it. Octane and FStorm are both aimed at GPU only rendering and pair up naturally. It seems that this combo has much more in common looking at things behind the scenes as Johannes kindly tells us in this 2nd article in his series as he puts both render engines face-to-face in terms of why you would want to pick one of them and the legal battle that seems to be going in between as well.

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Unbiased GPU Rendering with FStorm

I’m exploring GPU rendering now, inspired mostly by the work of Daniel Reuterswärd and Johannes Lindqvist who share so much of what and why they do what they do. To get on track fast, I have approached  them both seeking insight I can use and share with you all here. Today I’m publishing this hybrid thoughts and making-of by Daniel as he makes his first steps with the new FStorm Render engine. More on this, Octane Render and general GPU tasty bites to follow this week by Johannes as well. Enjoy!

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