State of Art Academy Day 3

Last weekend I’ve been to Venice for the second time, attending State of Art Academy DAY 3 presenting there my real-time workflow using SketchUP + Lumion as well as a new plugin for 3dsmax & VRay. It was great meeting up once more with Gianpiero, Roberto and Peter, and also finally meeting up with Alfa (pixela) Smyrna, Adam Hotovy and Tomek Miksa after being in contact online for a very long time.

This has been a great gathering of Architectural Visualization 3D Artists from all over the world, and a great opportunity for me to meet a lot of my blog followers in person! I was very happy to see so many attending for the 2nd year too.

The panel makeup this year was pretty much in tune with what I aim to cover on the blog – that is the various approaches one can take with archviz. Peter Guthrie and Alfa (Pixela) Smyrna presented their works and Full 3D Photo Real Workflow.

Adam Hotovy and Tomek Miksa presented Color Theory and the Postwork / Matte Painting approach to creating an architectural visualization.

Yours truly slipped pretty comfortably in-between these two main approaches, showcasing a real-time workflow that can benefit from full 3d scene treatment and yet be super fast and creative.

Below is one of the images of Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Peter Zumthor that I used as a base for me presentation, made with Lumion (more about that in a separate post later on).

The two days of the conference are pretty packed, but you do have time to visit the iconic city on the waters that is Venice. I just couldn’t get enough of it, even though I did allow for one more day just for that.

This year I visited the Architecture Biennale being held at the Arsenale and Giardini and just strolled in the picturesque streets with friends drinking spritz and having great Venetian food.

This Academy Day, much like the previous one, was remarkably organized and managed by the State of Art Studio team… so big thumbs up goes to Gianpiero, Roberto, Manuela and Riccardo 😉 and I hope to see all of you and more on Academy Day 4!!!

Check out also what the good friends at the neighbourhood had to say about it.

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