SketchUP Model Giveaway – Tadao Ando’s Azuma House

Giving away this great Azuma House SketchUP model I did way back. All you need to do is sign up to my newsletter and keep getting 3d tips and freebies as I post them here and perhaps some I’ll keep only for the newsletter subscribers – just to make you feel special.

Let me know what you think about this model by commenting below and feel free to do anything with it as long as you don’t sell it or share it directly. You can tell your friends about it and let them subscribe to the newsletter too.


A little about Azuma House

Tadao Ando placed this simple, narrow concrete rectangular residence in a dense, urban core of Osaka row-houses. It is extreme in it’s simplicty in contrast to the neighboring houses which follow a more the traditional japanise style. Even so, using a modern tool set, Ando has incorporated the traditional mind set and connection to nature through the central open courtyard.

  • Site area: 57.3 sq meters
  • Floor area: 64.7 sq meters
  • Planning: 1/1975-8/1975
  • Construction: 10/1975-2/1976

In its simple but rich spatial composition, in its expression of enclosure, and in the way light gives character to daily-life spaces, this house encapsulates an image of my architecture.Tadao Ando


Visitors Renders

Here are some of the images created by blog visitors that got the 3d model file and played with it. Feel free to share your renderings too by sending me an email with the images attached.

Ecuadorian test renders with the TwilightRender engine.

Christian from Germany sent this Cinema 4D render.

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    • tlee
      tlee says:

      I love Ando’s stuff. This model is fantastic too. When I have some free time I will have to render this.

  1. Adam
    Adam says:

    Thats a great idea, Ronen you should start a competition for your “students” 🙂
    Thanks for the model!

  2. Yves
    Yves says:

    Ronen, your blog has gotten better and better, more and more stuffs in your blog. Congrats and thanks for model. 🙂

  3. Borja
    Borja says:

    Thanks for the model dude and for all the things you share…

    I love it!

    Perfect for test. 🙂

  4. Bruno
    Bruno says:

    Hi, I’m a Brazilian student of architecture, I have made a work about the Azuma House, but i can’t download your SKP file from PushPullBar can you send to my e-mail?


    • Ronen Bekerman
      Ronen Bekerman says:

      After subscribing to the email newsletter you get a confirmation with the model download link… is this were you encounter the problem?

        • Ronen Bekerman
          Ronen Bekerman says:

          You need to wait for the final welcome email, the images inside are the download links… do they not work for you?

          • dhika
            dhika says:

            the same with wingman ronen, I also received the email for subscription, but didn’t got the final email… so i cant download this great model ;(

  5. Ronen Bekerman
    Ronen Bekerman says:

    Christian from Germany sent me a Cinema 4D render he made, I’ve added it to the post now in the visitors renders section… thanks Christian

    Any one who made a render of this 3d model is invited to send it to me to showcase here too 🙂

  6. davens07
    davens07 says:

    hello! i love tadao andos work! 🙂 i really love to try to render this modeL it would help me alot 🙂

  7. jedisalf
    jedisalf says:

    Ronen, first of all, thanks so much for all the work you do putting together your blog.  I’m sure you must be pretty busy but still manage to help everybody out there posting all these stuff you post.
    Doing my best  “Wayne’s World impersonation while bowing down: “We’re not worthy!, we’re not worthy!”
    Not sure if you would get to see this (since this is a pretty old topic) but just in case.
    I’ve been away from VIZ arch for about 6 years, and just recently started back again to practice it. WHich is why I downloaded your Azuma house model, to study both Sketchup and 3ds max/Mental ray.
    I know everybody has its own working habits, but I still wonder about something; Why did you do all those “holes” in the concrete as separate objects? there’s almost 2000 of them!
    Wouldn’t be easier to just extrude them inwards in the concrete as part of the concrete shell geometry?

    • ronenbekerman
      ronenbekerman says:

       @jedisalf Well, First of all I’m kind of crazy like that 😉 but the cool thing about it is those holes are SketchUP cutout components… and once I remove them – the concrete wall surface does not have any trace of them ever being there 😉
      I did this to allow the options to have these holes as real geometry or clean surface to map with a texture to do these holes in the render later.

  8. JonasGistl
    JonasGistl says:

    Hello Ronen. I tried several times to subscribe to your newsletter, but i never got a link for the house model. Would be nice, if there is another way to share it. thanks!

  9. logan683
    logan683 says:

    I signed up a while ago and didn’t know about this at the time.  How can I receive a link?  Thank you.

  10. ransomink
    ransomink says:

    Hello Ronen, I’ve signed up and constantly use your site as a great resource towards learning arch vis. I did not know of this freebie (at the time), but would love a chance to experiment with SketchUp and V-Ray. How can I receive a link?

  11. mnakkungu
    mnakkungu says:

    ronenbekerman ransomink Hi, I am trying to find the widget which you are talking about, but I seem to be missing . I’d also like a copy of the model.

  12. mnakkungu
    mnakkungu says:

    ronenbekerman mnakkungu ransomink Its not visible in Chrome but then I thought to try Firefox, and it worked. Thanks

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