Studio: Estate Visual

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Munich Germany

Project: Crowns/Dachau. Close-ups
Location: Guardinistraße and Ludwig-Thoma-Straße, Munich, Germany
Interior Styling: Estate Visual, Alekseeva Olga
Katja Korotaeva
Visualization, Modelling: Estate Visual, Alekseeva Olga, Кирилл Меркулов (Kirill Merkulov)
Year: 2018-2019

We were engaged in these two projects for a long time, we had to make pauses waiting for the updates of drawings, make adjustments, change the style of the inner filling due to changes in the appearance of buildings and main idea, and so on. Finally, one of them is over and soon we will publish it. But before showing all the visualizations, we want to make a selection of close-ups and pay special attention to them.

Close – up allows you to reproduce in detail the appearance of the interior, to reveal the inner essence, character, mood.
It shows the fragment taken out of context.
It is an angle you can fleetingly catch by your eyes when you come into a real space.

Angles can be fancy. But the dynamics of the close-up is a state and an emotion. And the main idea is in feeling.
Do you sometimes feel you almost touch something you see? Do you feel deepness and temperature and maybe even the taste of the color you see? We have a strong hunger on such kind of feelings.

In interior styling for visualization, we love to use soft colors of furniture, glossy lamps, paintings-drawings, pastel colors, soft light and DOF f 2.0. Tenderness and softness is our favorite combination.
Hope you will enjoy it.


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