Studio: Megatecture

Designer / Architect: Artur Szóstakowski

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Stegskärsklubben, Åland Islands Finland

Åland Islands House

Project of a house on one of the Aland Islands in Finland called Stegskärsklubben.

A personal project with an intent to work on environment skills. I choosed this exact location because of the available data on google maps on how the area actually looks like. The animation shot is based heavily on a drone shot image visible at the google maps location and the rest of the images are an approximation of how the project could look like in this place. The biggest challenge in this project was to develop a proper water shader – its still not perfect but I think it is good enough.

Project was developed in Blender and the postprocessing was made in Photoshop. Thanks!

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