Render vs. Photo / Loft Apartment in Kiev by 2B Group

Forum newcomer, Ryan Coyoca, posted one of the best photo-matched renders I’ve seen to date! The real photo actually looks more like the render in this case. The matching render is only a part of a more extensive 3d recreation project of a Loft Apartment in Kiev, designed by 2B.GROUP. Clearly inspired by the works of Bertrand Benoit (and stated as such), it takes nothing from this remarkable achievement. The border between CG & Photography just keeps blurring more and more.

The brick work, which is probably fully photo based, looks so much more real and nicer than the monotonic bricks in the real photo of the loft apartment. What mostly gives away the render is the repetitive wood floor pattern… more attention to that and it would have been harder to pick the right image. One would gravitate towards the empty table image, thinking it was too much of a hassle to mimic all the elements on it 😉

Visit Ryan’s Loft Apartment Forum Thread, and check out some of the real loft photos below…

More about the loft can be found at – Loft Apartment in Kiev by 2B Group via HQroom

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  1. smallBLDG
    smallBLDG says:

    It took me a few minutes to figure out which image is the rendering and which one is the photo (I sneaked through your other images to figure out the answer) Great modelling, texturing and lighting. Would be interesting and curious to see your workflow. 

  2. smallBLDG
    smallBLDG says:

    It took me a few minutes to figure out which is the rendering from the photo (sneaked through your other images to find the answer) Fun exercise ;)Great modelling, texturing and lighting. Would be interesting and curious to see your workflow.  

  3. mmm_art
    mmm_art says:

    owners of a place that fancy are probably NOT serving “Charles Shaw” wine to anyone. it’s affectionately known as “two buck Chuck” here in the US where it sells for $1.99 a bottle at Trader Joe’s markets. jus’ sayin’… amazing renders otherwise.

  4. CelesGeronimo
    CelesGeronimo says:

    stunning renders ryan – took me awhile to figure the render from the photo. m/

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    juliej947 says:

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  6. QeriFix
    QeriFix says:

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