Render vs. Photo / Kitchen No. 01

Forum newcomer and long time Cinema 4D + VRay user, Vicky Bedford (@Tickytoria), made the switch and shared her first attempt using 3ds max + VRay on the forums. Picking up on a reference found on Pinterest, Vicky went for an exact matching to start with – with great success. It seems that the transition went pretty smooth looking at the results! but then… why wouldn’t it? Modeling is not the big issue in making a visual like this, it’s all the other things that count. VRay is VRay, despite the various differences in versions. I do wonder which platform is best for modeling though?

Foreground table aside, I’d say the matching is pretty spot on, knowing that some elements were done differently on purpose. The geometry, lighting, texturing and general colors match very well to the reference image. I’d say the wooden floor is the biggest culprit shouting CG in the rendered image.

Here are both the original photo…

And rendered photo-match.

Second rendered viewpoint…

Visit Vicky’s Kitchen No. 01 Forum Thread.

  • chamsbiz

    Hello , i was interrested in knowing wich one is better and i have been looking so much in forums for any discussion about that and finally i found this , for being honnest i was thinking for a quitle long time that vrayfor max is better , and i haved reasons for as i am seeing those realistic renders with vrayfor max evrywhere and in evermotion’s arch models …but as i am getting in depth with vrayforc4d  i discovred that i was wrong and ther is actully no differance between both , as a matter of fact you can take a look at the new archinteriors done with max and converted to c4d , imagees are the same no difference at all .
    So i can say the problem is with cg artist working  with vrayforc4d , and maybe the number of ready sceans and object available for max  wich are huge a huge number …