The Vineyard / SOLO

Victor Vazquez Gonzalez

The Wine Valley Winery is set in the top of the mountains where the visitors can enjoy the views while tasting the local products and of course, the wine. I designed the project basing on the shape of the landscape (W). Almost everything in the interior reminds the spectator this unique settlement. Starting from the main logo to the ceilings, pergola or the elevator beams. From the main atrium, the visitor can see every floor of the building. It has three heights and brings light to the entire place. I wanted to detail every corner of the project, I didnt want to leave any empty spaces but at the same time not filling them with props as the main starring here is the architecture with its materials, shadows and lights. Each area has its own features: the bedroom lets the visitor to customize its materials and turn on and off the lights, the main hall has functional elevators and, in all the building you can check the floor-plan at any time. All these options were made using UMG and blueprints. Knowing the UE possibilities I also used all the post production settings for the video and the pictures instead of making them in an external program. As for the landscape, I decided to use all the tools UE provides instead of going directly to the heightmap import. I wanted to sculpt my own mountains and valleys and give them a personal touch. I believe UE gives the freedom for doing almost anything, I’m very happy with the results. One last thing, I uploaded the .jpg files, if you prefer the raw ones in .png format just ask me for them. They are around 4k resolution. Thank you Ronen for giving me this great opportunity and thank you Epic for totally changing the way I can work with archviz!

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