The Vineyard / SOLO

Rostislav Nikolaev

I looked at a lot of examples, while thinking about the building and surroundings. I wanted to make the project a mix of old and new. Thus was born the skeleton of an abandoned building of the old church, which was reconstructed and rebuilt in the winery, adding around a modern shell and new parts. The new purpose of the building remains associated with the old, in fact, as we know, the monks often produce wine, also very tasty.

The winery is on the lake, on the one hand surrounded by rocky mountain, and in the other two – the endless vineyards.

Entering through the main entrance, we find the reception and lobby. You can go to the second level of this wing – where hotel rooms are located on the left and a spa area with swimming pool – on the right. Just beyond the reception begins open hall-transition and lounge area, where the couple like to arrange weddings. It grows flowering trees, and you can go for a walk in the landscaped courtyards. At the end of the hall is a large fireplace, which can be seen even from the entrance. There hangs the bicycle, which is said to have found in the reconstruction of the old church.
Just beyond the fireplace starts bar and tasting area. Upstairs on the balcony – a restaurant where you can walk past the wine production. On the left the big room, where wine barrels are stored. Therefore, these wings are not so much lighted.

Almost all models are imported from 3dsMax. The hardest part was that to import the skeleton of the building I needed a day and to import a glass and a plate – also needed a day).

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  1. lojadexi
    lojadexi says:

    Incredible! But how is possible you don’t put the vineyard? And I don’t saw the suite and others spaces described in the challenge mission

  2. rombout
    rombout says:

    How come single person wins less than a team, i think its more difficult for a single person to pull this of than a team…

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