BEST OF WEEK 41/2015

House Gepo by Wittaya Wanpuk

This one is very much photo-real! Wittaya did not try to recreate it 100% like the original, but it sure has the overall look and feel as well as photographic feel to it. He followed almost every real shot that was made for this house – NICE!

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  1. JohnnyBPope
    JohnnyBPope says:

    Wow – this is stunning! Love the quality of light, reflections and how grounded the entire scene appearers!  Vegetation is also top quality.  The only thing that perhaps very slightly looks out to me is the pile rug… It’s pretty damn good, but there’s just something about it that takes me out of the scene – not 100% what it is.  Very minor point however.  Great work 🙂

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