Peter Guthrie’s Kilburn Vale Visualizations

I just have to share these amazing architecture visualizations by Peter Guthrie – Representing some of his best work. The design is by Gianni Botsford Architects and SketchUP was the modeling tool of choice. I use SketchUP 99% of the time for all modeling, and Peter strives to get most of it done inside SketchUP too, texturing too… the rest is good old 3dsmax & VRay. Remarkable design and visuals! enjoy.

I love how he showcases the facade shading system in intervals. Presenting that in a slideshow does a great job explaining the facade with no need of animation. Visit Peter’s blog to see his post about this work – kilburn vale / gianni botsford architects

And join the conversation on the forum thread he opened – Kilburn Vale / GBA

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  1. tom
    tom says:

    These are outstanding. When I first time found these through twiter post by Peter I couldn’t realise that these are not photos. His style is so protographic that You can not define it by simply naming his work –’s way beyond!


  2. manu
    manu says:

    These are amazing. What I admire the most about Peter is his subtlety. I mentioned on Peter’s blog that a training video from him would sell really well, but you can’t video-train good taste.


  3. BBB3
    BBB3 says:

    Already commented on these in a couple of places. Just to say it again: Outstading work! There’s something very special about Peter’s light that make his images instantly recognizable. That and the photographer’s eye

  4. Res_Com_3D
    Res_Com_3D says:

    Nicely done! Great attention to detail and lighting. I really enjoy viewing your work. I too tend to model almost everything in SketchUp. When it come to furniture though some of it has to be done in max.

  5. ValWizard
    ValWizard says:

    As usually perfect renders. But architecture imho is looking weird in such a lovely place. like an UFO in the center of Trafalgar Square. And BTW all this 60’s only exposed concrete + wooden planks says just about limited imagination, nothing to do with The Third Millenium architecture. Can’t find any great thing in that, but what naturally represent it. Empty cubic spaces concrete and planks… Which are tones around, specially last days… Down on my kneels in front of Great master Peter, but still hoping to see one day something more then…concrete and planks.

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