The Fish Market. Yammy!

Nguy?n Ng?c Lu?n, modeling leader at VietCG Team shared his amazing latest work – “The Fish Market” on the forums today, and it is delightfully Yammy! This is CG MESS at its finest, remarkably capturing the look & feel of the fish market after hours with great attention to details.


Here’s a bit of fish market after hours reference I gathered so that I can assess the visual better… and a link to the forum thread : The Fish Market.


Here’s an overview of the fishes in the scene…


Some crops and viewports too…

This work went into my Best Photo Real 3D Renders board on Pinterest. I invite you to follow me and see what other great things I’ve curated there for some time now.

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3 replies
  1. ctazida
    ctazida says:

    Hold on, this is an archictectural visualisation blog no? But maybe im wrong as this may be a proposal to a local developer or something. Excellent realism nonetheless.

  2. Vinu3d
    Vinu3d says:


    Can I have ur mail id so that I can ask doubts regarding the works which u have done here…. I would be a great help if u share the mail id..



  3. Minj
    Minj says:

    ctazida I think this 3d work is showcase of their studio, as they provide training/viz services in Vietnam. Doesn’t look like it’s a proposal to local developer ‘coz it’s so regular/daily environment with hyperrealism, not any concept for development or design a new market in anyway. This’s skill showcase by some of internal members from their studio.

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