Clearview Residence / Altius Architecture

Clearview Residence by Altius Architecture caught my eye in an instant with the rich in materials design and single point perspective viewpoints I like so much. There is so much to learn from just looking at these images that showcase corten steel, grey/blue ‘Cape Cod’ wood siding, ipe wood decking, slate, gravel, grass and more all under daylight and various interior lighting scenarios. I just wished they had taken all the night viewpoints at daytime too.

Photos courtesy of Altius Architecture

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  1. ChristianMiranda
    ChristianMiranda says:

    I love that design. From the form to the finishes that house is a piece of art. 
    Thanks for sharing, Ronen! Keep up the exellent work on the blog. 

  2. lsturlesi
    lsturlesi says:

    An amazing project…
    You have got me for a moment – i was sure it was a very good rendering !

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