Hello, everyone!

I am very happy to take part in this competition and want to share with you how my workflow is going.
I am huge fan of Elon Musk and my whole plan is based on one idea – to reduce humanity’s dependence on hydrocarbons through alternative energy sources. As well as greening the land and linking nature to the infrastructure of cities. Which is what I will try to do in my work.

Let me show you…

2027 – All transport on Earth will be on electric traction.
2033 – Solar energy will be the main energy resource
2037 – Global Greening of the Earth
2040 – We will build a colony on Mars
2040 – The AI is going to outdo the man.

These are some of the basic ideas on which I’m doing my project.

Have fun and good luck:)

Notable Replies

  1. duy-phan says:

    Hi Roman, SO glad to see you here! Been following your work from Instagram for a while and really admire the atmospheric you flow in the imagery! :yum: Very much look forward to see more of your work update!

    All the best,
    Duy Phan

  2. ginogiampaolo.archit says:

    Hi Roman, I’m really liking your concept. It’s very uplifting! I can’t wait to see the final images so I can fuel myself with hope! I would also love to see some nice atmospherics as I know you are pretty good at them!

  3. tebugd says:

    Wow, this could be good :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. idesigne4 says:

    Hi Duy Phan,

    Thank you very much, it’s a pleasure. I’m following you too and I really like your pitch and the atmosphere :black_heart:

    The drafts are coming soon

  5. idesigne4 says:

    Thank you so much!
    And I’m encouraged by your words. Thank you very much! I’m gonna try to do my best:wink:

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