Here’s few work in progress images.
I aked myself how the new architecture of Hudson Yards would be In my concept’s scenari. Tthe new architecture should be flexible to adapt to the fast changing urban layout. The new architecture should also be modular and of course based on recycling. So I brings to mind the Bjarke Ingels project for Copenaghen harbour ( Then I modeled the base module of the composition that will be assembled in my project in different ways: this is a fast render to have a quick idea of materials and shapes.
The second image represent a fast study of one of the main material in my scene: water. I made a fast model of a speedboat I would like to use in my scene and worked on water material (are two materials one for the surface and a volume material for the underwater box). I also modeled and worked on the wave boat both in modeling and texturing (foam). I don’t have any plugin to make this (I hope one day I could buy Phoenix FD…) so I have to work with sculpting and texturing.
I usually work on main materials since first steps of my worlflow and I usually don’t use clay renders because I think PBR materials could affect lighting so much and clay renders may distort colours and light effects. In this way I can swich from modelinig to texturing when I’m a bit tired specially in big scenes (obviously these are only base materials that are going to be improved in the texturing phase).
Hope you like

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  1. tomahawks619 says:

    I can already imagine rocks with the water splashing and foam with the skyline . Love it .

  2. Flow says:

    Thanks a lot! Let’s se what could I do.

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