– At what point in Human History we got into thinking that there was nothing to be afraid of but ourselves. At what point it became so natural to think of the future as something that could be taking for granted. We were the ones with the power to create or destroy entire civilizations, “no one” else had that power.

– Twenty years ago we learned how wrong we were, and we learned it in the worse possible way, by losing the ones we cared about. We understood how fragile humans are in their own ecosystem. We had to change not only our behavior and habits but also our way to react to things we cannot control or sometimes even see. Viruses.

– Cities started to prioritize health-related issues over human-packing architecture and started to rethink the use in some areas with one scope, fast adaptation and response to a similar situation as the one we experienced twenty years ago. For the Hudson Yards, the City Council decided one of those areas had to be around the Train Station, where there sat a huge parking lot. It was perfect at a strategic level as they could also work on the adaptation of one of the trains to become the first mobile UCI and sterile material transport to connect the emergency health care facility with permanent ones all over the city.

That’s how (very recently) I’ve been picturing the concept of a city in future years.

Here I’m posting the first baby steps I took during this last week. I started looking for references, then modeling the context and most recently finding camera angles that felt right with what I wanted to highlight from the Hudson Yards according to the concept. I’m uploading all of that but also took the liberty of including some of the tracks I’m listening to when working/thinking of the project, as I find 60% of my inspiration and motivation in Music.

Let’s see what this thing goes. Stay tuned!


Notable Replies

  1. Flow says:

    Hi Gino,
    Interesting (and very sad…) point of view.
    I hope your concept can remain only a thought.
    I’m curious to see more.


  2. krzysztofwolenski says:

    I already love color palette you have chosen. Hope to see cool atmosphere on Your images ! Good luck !

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