It is still quiet outside. It is also quiet in the museum. It is the moment in the morning before the museum will be opened. The museum guides will arrive very soon. At this point, only the main hall and the exhibition “Louvre statues” is illuminated.

The terrain in the foreground acts as a guide to lead the viewers’ attention to the museum. I used trees, ivy and stones with additional subtle details for that purpose.

Additionally, I worked with a focal element which is the Spartacus statue crowded by ivy which gets the viewers’ attention and guides him further to the museum. The statue also serves as an object to get a better feeling of the scale of the building.

The biggest challenge for me was a new render engine and a lot of new tools to create a nice-looking environment. This was the most time-consuming part.

It is worth mentioning that I deviated from my original concept. Originally, I placed a person in the foreground of the scene, but I decided to discard that idea. I put so much effort into the foreground that I didn’t want to screw it with a person covering it up.

Working on this project gave me the chance to experiment with a variety of interesting tools and most importantly a great opportunity to gain experience using these in a project like this.