The Work Process of this project involves a lot of brain storming sessions since everything has to be designed from scratch ! The most challenging as well as the interesting part is to imagine from the story’s character’s point of view, of how the old workshop might have withstood all these years, the small things that the family would have loved to keep as memories that were once a part of the workshop, the surrounding landscape and green cover. So, I started off by preparing rough concept sketches of how I imagined the structure might have looked.
Then I began collecting reference images of all the different elements that I will be adding.
First of, I started modelling the tree that’s part of the old workshop, with a reference from a real one. Enjoy the Work Process of it below.
I started modeling the basic shape of the tree in 3dsMax using the reference images. Then I unwrapped it and did the detailing in Mudbox.

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  1. erfan3p says:

    You have some good sketching skills there, I really liked the way you watercoloured them, Also an interesting tree!

  2. Atash says:

    Love the sketch. Architectural sketches should be the first step of any idea, especially like this. Great job.

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