I have finally finished VR views and would like to test them on Yulio’s website: https://www.yulio.com/xmCIFETiGu

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  1. Pawel
    Pawel says:

    Wow this is my favorite so far! I really like the night view although I believe it should open with a view straight at the cabin since its the most powerful one. Great thumbnail pic too 🙂 Hey if you have some time I would appreciate some input with my work (still in progress). Great work once again.

  2. bdomiczek
    bdomiczek says:

    Hey Pawel, thanks. You are totally right, the images at Yulio webpage open at totally random spots at the moment and I will need to offset it later. : ) I would gladly comment on your work but it’s somehow hard for me to find it in the feed. Could you link your progress here?

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