Hy all, I am very glad as the final deadline was extended, so I have a ’re-chance’ to finish it on time 🙂
In the very beginning, the location came in to my mind: a lake between huge mountains with several small, rocky islands, with pine trees. I think the ’picture’ of that site is coming from my childhood: how I imagined some of the classical indian-story sites. And also influenced a lot by the movie: ’Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring’. I was looking for a long time reference images, but none of them gave me back correctly the feeling and the atmosphere, but I show the closest matches on the [1] picture.
My concept for the cabin was strong also from the beginning: it will stay in the water, and will connect to some of the islands by long peers. The first sketches, I made the cabin itself was also a simple shape: it a stretched empty box. I also thought about material: the ’ribbon was prefab concrete and that inside part was almost full transparent. I also made a little model from Lego – you can see on the [02] picture.
I also made the first white renders in 3dsMax, but after a while I realized, that I’m not too satisfied with that form. So I rethought the whole concept and I had my new idea: the cabin will be the extension of a very small, rocky island. The cabin form is a circle, with a little ’atrium’ in the middle, where the existing trees are. The body stands 6 separated elements – three of them will be closed and three will be covered but open and these two type will be varied one-by-one. The cabin will connects to the closest island by the long peer.
You can see ref images to my cabin itself [03], and process drawings how it builds up [04]. I also have made some viewpoints and the selected ones are shown on the [5] picture.

  • Oliver Hessian

    Thanks for sharing your process. I really like the setting you’ve chosen and reckon it was a great move to the circular cabin design. I think this will make for a really beautiful project and can’t wait to see more. Do you mind me asking which tree models you’re using as they look great. Thanks

    • Áron Kovács

      Hey Oliver,
      thaks for your feedback 🙂
      Of course, I don’t mind, I was using them from EM pack: AM 163 (25, 26, 44, 45)

      • Oliver Hessian

        Thanks so much! I’ve been looking for some nice pine trees for ages without much luck. Best of luck with the submission