Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Evgeniia Popova

Hi everyone!
That’s my view of the library visualisation task. I prefer to analyze the object at first and write some theses on which I can rely on work. Also I like informative camera angles and storytelling what hints at the functional purpose of the building. Well, a little playfulness doesn’t hurt – that’s the challenge! Since there are no doubts about exterior and interior views, for the third picture I came up with 2 varients. Would be lovely to hear your opinion!!

CABINS entry by Evgeniia Popova

So finally after big gap I can show to you something near final image.
I painted copper details of cabins carcass in Substans painter, was very fascinatingly to add more and more leakings to make copper looks not brand-new.
Concrete materials are from Megascans. Also stones and from there and texture for grass.

I didn’t add anything alive (sorry for ppl who thinks that stones have soul) Sadly haven’t found yet nice cut-out person for right side of the image, but maybe that isn’t necessary for stable composition, what do you think?