AXYZ 3D People meets Chaos Group

There are benefits to using 3d people models directly within our 3d scenes to be rendered, and as a SketchUP user I’m very happy to see that AXYZ Design joined forces with Chaos Group and announced today about the integration of AXYZ’s 3d human assets libraries with V-Ray for SketchUP and Rhino.


There is a shortage in high quality drag-n-drop V-Ray ready 3d people models for these platforms, and I highly welcome this new addition. While adding people in post is the dominant approach, it is time-consuming, view dependent and costly. Granted, you have to do it this way for specific type of projects but using 3d human assets has its own advantages :

  • No specific post-work for people.
  • Works from any angle.
  • All the render effects apply for the people too (motion blur, depth of field, etc).
  • The 3d human asset material / texture reacts to the scene (think clothing items and accessories made of plastic, metal, glass, etc).
  • They can move too (though less relevant for this specific news).




Chaos Group took an active role by converting all the models, making them V-Ray 2.0 ready for both SketchUP and Rhino.

AXYZ design CEO, Diego Gadler says:

Partnering with Chaos Group gives us the chance to move forward on our commitment to provide artists with the best 3D characters in the industry. We are excited about what this collaboration brings for the future, with a new and expanded user base.

Chaos Group Product Manager, Corey Rubadue says:

Partnerships like this are invaluable for the V-Ray community. SketchUp and Rhino artists now have easy access to quality digital people and can focus more time on design and communicating their ideas.

You can find the updated models on the AXYZ website under the Metropoly Ready-Posed section. Metropoly model libraries are also available for Autodesk 3ds Max, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Wavefront .obj file format for use with other compatible software.

All images in this post are courtesy of Tiltpixel.

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  1. aXYZ design
    aXYZ design says:

    Hi Filipe,
    They are also available for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. In Max you can use our free tool aXYZHUB to merge them in your scene.

  2. FilippoNosotti
    FilippoNosotti says:

    interested in a model of 3d human character that is not yet available on AXYZ
    online store, what should I do?
    I tried to
    contact you several times already, but I have not received any responses.
    I am
    interested in a model of 3d human character wearing a bathrobe.
    Can you do
    your best to get it up on the site shortly?, as you say on your site in
    “Frequently Asked Questions”.
    Thanks for
    your kind attention.

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