Architectural Visualization Challenge I The GH House

The Challenge is about to start in a day! I’ve added the information pages to the blog under the new Challenges option in the navigation above.

You can also visit the forum and register right now. The house model for the Challenge will be posted later on, so please take this time to review all the information and ask me anything you like by commenting below… all the information gathered here will be edited and turned into a FAQ that I’ll post in the Challenge page and forum so that all participants can benefit from this.

Good Luck and Have Lots of Fun!

Visit the Challenge page!

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  1. tolas
    tolas says:

    So far everything seems to be clear to me.

    Waiting for model, or at least some plans to get the general idea what we’ll be working on.

  2. Deetee
    Deetee says:

    is it a must to have concept sketch?

    usually I work directly inside 3dsmax, adjusting whichever things that I’m not comfortable with instead of draw an initial concept sketch before I start since I don’t have such experience at all.

    and also do we need to create our own environment and textures? or can we use models and texture from libraries?

    hope to clear these newbie questions out, this is my 1st time trying to enter a challenge.


    • Ronen Bekerman
      Ronen Bekerman says:

      You don’t have to draw an actual Sketch. I use this word to describe an initial concept so you can also have a 3d sketch depicting how the environment and house play together.

      You can create your own environment and textures or use ready made ones as long as you use them in your own style and not just copy paste something in looking the same as it did before – you need to create an overall original image.

    • Ronen Bekerman
      Ronen Bekerman says:

      This challenge is a first for me, and other then the core Archviz I also experiment with Web Development too – Twitter is an important player and I want to integrate it, explore it’s usage.

      I think it is really a small step to take giving the big picture.

  3. Ronen Bekerman
    Ronen Bekerman says:

    It seems we miss out on good talent from entering the Challenge due to the Twitter rule. Though I still believe Twitter is great and safe and I encourage you all to sign in to it – I’m removing it from being a rule in this Challenge.

    So, no more excuses mates! You have to join in now and show what you can do…

  4. Adam Hotovy
    Adam Hotovy says:

    It looks like a nice challenge. Will keep eye on it and maybe I will try my luck 😉
    Good thing is that twitter is not necessary anymore – I deleted my account few days ago.

    Can I hide the parts of the model which I do not like? (I mean – wall around the site)

  5. Andrew Mountbatten
    Andrew Mountbatten says:


    Just out of curiosity, how did you make the louvers and their wiring? It would be nice if you could provide a tutorial on it of some sort.

    Thank you!


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