• newke

    Thanks Ramon and Ronen for sharing, great stuff 🙂

    •  @newke Sure thing. I hope to share something else by Ramon very soon 😉

  • toktam_arch

    nice models.thanks Ronen 1

  • Thanks Ronen and Ramon!! There are always useful things on your blog.. 😉

  • Design addiction

    The table is beautiful!

  • Softminimal

    To bad if you use a real computer (Mac)

  • RomboutVersluijs

    to bad not all models are 3ds, i dont use 3dsmax and so i cant use the hanging glass bowls… cant you convert it?

  • kehlje

    Hey Ronen, is there somewhere else to get these? The box download isn’t working. Thanks!

  • kehlje Updated the link – check it now please and let me know 😉

  • Renovaco

    Hi Ronen,how I can get this file?The box download isn’t working. Thanks!

  • Renovaco All fixed now – please try above 😉

  • Renovaco

    Thanks Ronen and Ramon