3 Free Light Fixture Models From CGAxis Vol 16

CGAxis just released their 16th Volume with 50 new light fixture models supporting 3ds max (V-Ray, Mental Ray & Scanline) and Cinema 4D (Native & V-Ray). As a special gift, in light of the new release, they are giving away 3 models to all of you blog followers. Enjoy!

Go ahead and visit the CGAxis Vol 16 – Lights 2 page for more information.

Here are a few more previews of other models too…

Model 001 :

Model 029 :

And here are your 3 free models with previews too…

Here is a Mirror location for backup, just in case the above share box does not work – CGAxis 3 Free Models.

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      • TiagoAlexandrino
        TiagoAlexandrino says:

        @ronenbekerman Oh thank you so much, really appreciated! I’ve rendered this scene with V-Ray 🙂 And done a bit of post production in PS

  1. prilink
    prilink says:

    hi!!! i can’t find the pack to download inside the CGaxis page, can you help me please?

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