Architectural Visualization Challenge II, HOVER

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HOVER is starting! I’ve added the information pages to the blog under the Challenges menu option in the navigation above. You can also visit the forum and register right now if you haven’t yet. The model kit for the Challenge is online, so please download and start exploring it as well as review all the information and ask me anything you like by commenting below… all the information gathered here will be edited and added to the FAQ page so that all participants can benefit from this.

The structure you see in the HOVER splash image above was built using the model kit ( + additional custom parts ) and is based on an architectural design by Chyutin Architects, probably the best public architecture firm in Israel.

[added July 22]

Refractive Software bumped up the Grand Prize Octane Render License to a – LIFE TIME LICENSE… so you get all updates ever for it.

How cool is that!

[added July 23]

Model kit uploaded and available for download on the challenge page.

Good Luck and Have Lots of Fun!

Visit the Challenge page!

Ronen Bekerman
Ronen Bekerman

Good questions, here are the answers :

1. This is an Architectural Rendering Challenge first and foremost. No problem with sci-fi concepts... we will still have to build stuff in the future. The main focus of this challenge is the visualization, it will be reviewed according to all common technical aspects of making the image as well as original approach, design, the feeling the image evokes in the viewer, etc...

2. No.

3. Design has less weight in the final selection, though there is an open category for best design so this is something to aim for too :-)

4. It's doesn't have to be able to be built according to current available technology, but you do need to provide a reasonable solution for something that seems not so possible. The story needs to be credible. But again... The visual is what counts most... It's important to allow you to dream a little too :-)

5. Yes,and No :-)

6. No, it can be a mix of 3d & 2d

Hope this helps

Shane gee
Shane gee

Hi Ronen,

I have been following the new challenge and I am interested in entering. However I wonder if you could answer a few questions:

1. Looking at the inspiration images I get a feeling that this is a architectural rendering challenge. However I see Sci-Fi concepts coming in. What would the judging criteria be for this challenge?
2. Is this rendering challenge to see the most realistic image?
3. A design challenge - Best Architectural design?
4. Does the design have to able to be built? It's easy to span 200m building off a toothpick? Floating buildings obviously answer the 'hover' challenge but not really architecturally applicable.
5. Is this an imaginative challenge - Who has the craziest idea?
6. Does everything have 3d, can 2d entourages be used? 3d trees or 2d photoshop trees acceptable or preferred?

Would be good to know what you will be looking for? A tighter brief.


Hello, I'm new here and also to the forums thing and maybe this a really stupid question but I was trying to create a new thread for the challenge and it says that I don't have sufficient privileges to do that. I am doing anything wrong? I would really like to participate even though I'm newbie!
Thanks a lot and good luck everybody!

Javi Pintor
Javi Pintor

WOW! That is very kind from Refractive.

Thank you very much and good luck to all contestants.


Looking forward for the model kit.


That's super news. Will try my best to participate with this.


SO then the sturcture itself doesn't actually have to be correctly suspended, we can use our imaginations on this. Make it whimsicle as long as it's a HOVER concept?

Ronen Bekerman
Ronen Bekerman

You probably did not register yet, or did not finish the registration process for the forum. Head to the forum and choose to register and follow the instruction.

Welcome, and Good Luck!

Ronen Bekerman
Ronen Bekerman

Be creative, but also try to justify how it could really work. We can see some things in real life today that once were considered impossible.

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