Studio: ArchiCGI

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Los Angeles United States

The main task of this 3D visualization for a Los Angeles project was to convey the romantic feel about the terrace the Architect created. His clients were stunned by the smart furniture style, soothing pastel colors and the variety of materials – all of which they were able to see in photorealistic quality owing to cgi. The exterior render allowed to examine every detail of sofas’ textile, the stone outside fireplace, the wooden decor etc.

The most noticeable accent of this Los Angeles project 3D visualization is eco-design elements in the exterior. Our 3D Artists highlighted emerald plants of different sizes by bright daylight, their shadows and even reflections on glass banisters. Moreover, since the whole terrace exterior is in pastel shades, the vibrant green is the only colorful emphasis of the architectural visualization.

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