Designer / Architect: Munn Architecture, RVI Planning, Adventure Creative

Client: Sun RV Resorts

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Granby, Colorado United States

Sun RV Resorts chose TEN OVER MEDIA as a partner that would make future customers more comfortable making reservations with Sun RV Resorts. But not only that, they chose a partner that cares about the future property as the Sun RV Marketing team do.
“Ten Over Media truly made the future development come to life,” said Jackie Maguire, Regional Vice President. “They took the time to come to the property to see the beginning stages of development and truly understand the character of the surrounding area.”

“The accuracy of the videos is impeccable,” said Maher Sarafa, Director of Marketing for Sun RV Resorts. “Not only are the videos brand consistent, but it shows exactly what the resort is going to look like.”
Ten Over Media crafted branded assets to share with the resort’s future clients that generated bookings for River Run, “I can tell you unequivocally that the TEN OVER MEDIA videos were integral to driving bookings and are the primary marketing driver for reservations,” Maher emphasized.

Our process & scope included the following;
• Scout the construction location and surroundings in the Colorado Rocky Mountains to learn about the property and its audience.
• Translate the construction documents into 3D and CG modeling of 400 square miles of property and surroundings.
• Creation of a 3D photorealistic environment and animation using the brand guidelines.
• Video planning, writing, strategy, directing, videography, cinematography, sound design, production design, compositing, audio editing.

Our deliverables included the following;
• Multiple 3D images of the property that is being used in marketing material for web, social media, trade shows, press releases, media kits, and staff training.
• Multiple 3D short video clips that is being used for TV commercials, Social Media postings and ads, Youtube ads, trade shows, press releases, media kits, and staff training.
• A 3D promotional film that is being used on web, Social Media, trade shows, press releases, media kits and staff training.

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