Studio: Walk the Room

Designer / Architect: Michaela Thrun

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Stockholm Sweden

The goal of this project was to visualize a House in the Swedish archipelago, trying to find a nice story behind it. So we came with the idea to put a story layer in top of the regular represention, an that layer is the hide and seek game, that becomes in two layers of it, the kids and….. The kids are playing in a confident enviroment with the relief that they have this nice refugie on the forest waiting for them after playing. One of the tecnichal challenges was to get the correct feeling of this archiepielago forest feeling, and to achieve that we went trough a lost of scaned geometry and a lot of forest pack scatters all the place. Playing with branches, grass, rocks and mushrooms, at the end it was a quite heavy scene to work in, plus we added some vulumetric calculations to achieve the foggy feeling.

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