Studio: PEAK studio

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Poland N/A

During one of his holiday at the Baltic Sea, Piotr while lying on the beach, imagined a house. A house with a breathtaking view of the endless sea and grassy sand dunes.

Inside the house you could watch the sunlight falling through huge windows and could smell the sea breeze. The household members could admire the beautiful sunsets from the terrace or from the pool located next to the beach.

Then only a few awkward sketches were created in the notebook and the house had to wait for its moment for some time…

A few years later, a floor manufacturer came to Peak studio, commissioning a visualization in which the mineral floor had to play the main role.

The company wanted the images only to highlight the fact that the mineral floor is highly water and scratch resistant (e.g. from sand scratches).

It was the moment when the old sketch created on the beach was to get a new life and take on colors. With the help of Kasia and Maja, climatic interiors of the house now dubbed “Dune House”, were created.

The final effect and the subtly conveyed message of “this floor can withstand a lot” made the customer very satisfied with both images and the interior concept created by PEAK. 🌅

About the project:

Dune house

Architectural draft concept & full CGI by Piotr Pietruczak

Interior design by DEMBOWSKA studio architektury & JAG studio architektury


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