Studio: Render Manufaktur

Designer / Architect: Torge Gaa Wercker · Architekten

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Berlin - Petershagen Germany

The competition of the Petershagen primary school took place in autumn 2016. The actual season was one of the reasons to go with autumn (always good for competitions).

One of the main ideas of the design, which we wanted to underline in the composition was the multifunctional foyer of the school. It was quiet difficult, because we had show the whole building in the picture, so it was in the background of the picture.

It was enhanced by the artificial light reflections on the ground and the shining through backlight of the morning sun. The scene is completed by the morning delivery situation. The strong complementary contrast is the color theme, completed by the grill with the yellow coat in the foreground.

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