Studio: ArchiCGI

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: NY City United States

The high camera angle provides a full outlook of the layout and lets the viewer appreciate three functional zones at the same time – the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Thanks to the side camera angle, we can see the studio’s generous size, while the close-up image draws attention to the half-wall room divider, providing both functional and aesthetic value. Thus, apartment 3d renders show a convenient open-space plan that will allow the family members to easily interact with each other while going about their daily lives.

But 3D artists did much more than showcase the interior design of the space – they actually brought it to life. They spiced it up with carefully chosen artistic details, which made the presentation look so real. Just look at these mouthwatering green apples scattered across the table – they must be crisp and juicy. Or take these delicious-looking cold drinks on the bar – who wouldn’t want to have a place at home to chill out with friends? Just chatting, sipping a lemonade and admiring the gorgeous view. This way, apartment 3D renders highlight the design’s benefits while spurring the viewer’s imagination, making him feel what it would be like living in an apartment like that.

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