Studio: ArchiCGI

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Los Angeles United States

Just look at this photorealistic 3D visualization. A great image, isn’t it? And it highlights an incredible interior design. Neutral colors create a sort of wind-scoured and fresh look which makes for a calming atmosphere. Meanwhile wood wall panels, herringbone flooring and light brown textile lend warmth and coziness to the look. And then there’s this stunning accent wall that add architectural interest to the bedroom and instantly draws attention! With professional 3D interior rendering, it is so obvious and easy to show that needs no further explaining.

What more could one want? But there comes the story. It is all in the small details yet the viewer instantly reads it. For instance, in this cozy throw blanket on the ottoman bench that the owner left to go get hot tea in the kitchen. It is also in the wrinkled cushion someone was sitting just a moment ago – perhaps, reading. As well as that, the reader will see it in the sweet tasteful flower arrangements on the bedside table filling the air with soft fragrance. That visual eloquence makes 3D interior rendering a powerful instrument for Architects and Designers.

Want to present your design with that realism and atmosphere? Then contact ArchiCGI and get quality architectural rendering services. Our 3D Artists will make sure that the 3D interior rendering project will inspire your clients.

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