The Vineyard / SOLO

Paulo Francisco

The Idea is mainly of a polished architectural piece that stands in contrast with the ‘rural’ elements of the vineyard. It is inspired in vineyards in terraces like in Douro valley in Portugal and other places with not so flat terrain. Has I have entered the challenge near the last month, I had mainly work in the vineyard itself and the concept volume, of the Hotel ( the bloby golden shape ). The Other buildings stand more less camouflaged in the terrace walls further detaching the hotel shape. Here would be located the cellars, and other wine production zones. Other aspect I found cool was the notion of a game transformed into an architectural idea … or architecture turned into a game ! During the process I couldn’t completely clarify the difference… maybe that’s why the architecture itself, as being virtual, came up as a possibility within a game and turned out a more fluid shape … Being completely new to unreal, I found this challenge a valuable introduction to both real time archviz and to game environment design.