The Vineyard / SOLO

Amanda Rathburn

The young man stepped into the vineyard’s gates and breathed deeply. The air was soft and clean for being underground. The sites he saw were inspiring and suddenly he began walking. He thought he was under stars, but it was so bright. The orbs reflected the light from the only light source that was located above the giant tree. The grapes were very sweet looking and he longed to eat one. He walked through the vines and noticed some of the crops were missing. Perhaps it was start of a new grape season. He continued through the hotel and over the bridge to the villa. He noticed the mushrooms growing throughout the landscape. The lake was flowing softly and gently under the bridge. The villa was clean and inviting. He walked up the spiral staircase and rubbed his hand against the bed that was so soft. He suddenly noticed the waterfall that was graciously flowing down into the river. He walked to the balcony and stood there a long time just watching the water flowing from the rock. He felt relaxed and at peace.