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Noel & Sergey

After a day of work, as usual we visit Ronen Bekerman’s website, was where we saw the contest, yet still very newbies with EU4; our love for art and the desire to grow up, makes us to participate. These have been a few months of hard work, but also where we have fun learning.

We are Sergey and Noel, 21 and 24 years, from Spain. Not much since we came into the 3D world. We are both passionate about architecture, design and video games, and now we are excited with the idea of mix up all in one. Our expertise is mainly based on “archviz”, 3D architectural modeling and design. Recently we had the opportunity of being part of the game “Atom Universe” as associated developers, we hope to continue growing up and materialize the architecture on a digital world.

Project’s philosophy: We did not want to focus on an industrial winery, but we wanted to build a haven of rest from the foundations of an old ruins of an old small winery, maintaining its historical value and the connection with the culture of wine.

The concept:

The architectural design emerges of the topography of the vineyard, producing the minimum impact on the landscape and making it sustainable. To make this something iconic and memorable, we decided to add an organic shape inspired by the flow of wine colliding against a solid body, said architectural element serves as a reception and main entrance to the complex.

Therefore we chose an exterior design that is camouflaged with the landscape, we wanted to emphasize the interior design, creating very unique spaces. The interior architecture is based on curved shapes, which have been in harmony with humans providing an experience of rest and connection with nature.

Choice of materials:

For the materials we decided to use earth tones to keep a natural feel, we mainly used copper, because of its similar color scales to wine. We made the decision to leave the raw materials of some architectural elements to makes the structures visible in its pure state. For the suites we choose the white, to offset the dark tones of the rest of the complex and produce a greater visual break in the most personal space of the guest, during their stay in the vineyard.

We would like to explain much more things behind this project but we are aware that the text is spreading too.

We want to thank you to Epic Games team and Ronen Bekerman for this opportunity.
We hope you enjoy our work as much as we did taking it out.

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  1. lojadexi
    lojadexi says:

    I love the video, a really good materials choice and very intersting design, the suite is really fabulous

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