The Vineyard / TEAM

Factory Fifteen

Factory Fifteen present ‘La Geria’. Set in the remote volcanic mountains of Lanzarote, this high tech vineyard utilises automated harvesting drones to pick the grapes and process them on transport.

Our building design includes an underground production facility, wine storage and tasting area, 6 luxury apartments, a world class spa with interior and exterior pools, massage parlours, steam rooms, saunas, interior and exterior restaurant / bar and a gallery space for local artists.


The film takes us on a short journey from the drone harvesting fields through to the buildings interior. We have tried to create a flow in the edit, with dramatic transitions through the production facility and linking spaces with framed photography of the vineyard itself, on the walls within the apartment.


Many of the most photogenic spots of our design featured in the film so we have taken slightly altered cameras from many of these and tweaked the settings slightly. We have two formats, wide panoramas and square details / crops.


Aside from doors opening and closing we have blueprint triggers for the drones in certain areas.


As we focussed on the confirmed submission which was the film and stills we haven’t packaged our scene yet. It actually exists at the moment in 3 different scenes as we wanted to play with dynamic GI in places and also the spa in particular has hundreds of lights all casting shadows. We will be optimising the project for packaging into one scene over the next few weeks.

Overall we have enjoyed the process of learning unreal within this competition. We see huge potential in it for architecture visualisation as well as interactive storytelling. Thanks to Ronen Bekerman and Epic Games, and thanks to everyone in the competition for sharing knowledge. ”

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  1. lojadexi
    lojadexi says:

    The architecture and textures… I feel like in a hospital rather than a vineyard but nice work for the drones

  2. manuntamarco
    manuntamarco says:

    yes the idea is really cool, but it doesn’t show UE4 Archiviz fully potentials, texture and lighting are not so good..

  3. Paul Nicholls
    Paul Nicholls says:

    manuntamarco difficult  balance for where the time had to be spent. As the project was so large we spent most of our time getting the whole piece to a certain quality level, maintaining the ambition the edit set out. For sure if we focussed on 1 space the quality could have been better. 🙂

  4. manuntamarco
    manuntamarco says:

    Paul Nicholls manuntamarco don’t worry Paul, it was not a critic against your excellent work. FF it’s an inspiration to me. I was only expecting some hyper-photorealistic-nerd-i-will-bump-you-all videos as winner. But good for you that they choose your really smart and original idea! 🙂

  5. Paul Nicholls
    Paul Nicholls says:

    manuntamarco its a fair comment and I think no-one got it 100% right in all areas (design, concept, edit, photo-realism) for the challenge as the entire process was new to everyone and we were learning the limitations of the software.

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