BEST OF WEEK 52/2015

Technopark by Submarine

Second torpedo hit by the Submarine team 😉

Great visuals for ATO-Bel architects proposal for the competition for the best concept of the multifunctional (mixed-use) building in Lviv, Ukraine. Nice way to close 2015.

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  1. Antonio Vuković
    Antonio Vuković says:

    majestic, (nitpicking time) though grass is horrible and leaves are dispersed randomly (ok but), not realistically accumulated in corners

  2. PeterMayer2
    PeterMayer2 says:

    Great lighting and mood, very photo real look. Love the foggy morning mood and the bloom of the sun behind the building in one of the images. But……the grass is terrible, too even and the leaves are also unrealistic. Fix that and then its hard to tell if its a photo or cg.

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