BEST OF WEEK 24/2016

Winterhill by iddqdstudio

Winter is coming! Great work by Andrei Mikhalenko… and all assets of this scene are your for the taking. See link in the comment section and be sure to say thank you 😉

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  1. rombout
    rombout says:

    What file format are these? I remember his first pack which was awesome, this came in OBJ and FBX as well. I dont see any formats or whats included in this pack?

  2. rombout
    rombout says:

    AndreiMikhalenko rombout  thanks, i noticed after downloading, was sort of a guess and be lucky ; PS could you make the OBJ/FBX also available for pack 2?
    Why didnt you just make a hull mesh for the inner part of the hay rolls and just do the outline with curves?

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