A new and exciting challenge is about to begin! Tomorrow is back for the 3rd time and looking for their next star. The best submission will be awarded 1000 Euro cash prize and a well-paid full-time position at Tomorrow with benefits such as social welfare, exercise bonus, field-trips and most of all become a proud Tomorrow team member.

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by bobrov.jpg

Exterior image
My goal was not to make a classical architectural visualization, but a “portrait” of the building, so I used a 50 mm lens and a centric composition. I wanted to emphasize the round shape of the upper part by sliding low sun and the orange color of the building strongly refers to the image of the fire, so I decided to build a color composition of the frame in the low setting sun, adding to it a few barely noticeable artificial light sources to add the feel of a “cinematic” image. I wanted to bring a feeling of an unfinished scene from the film, so I used Gregory Crewdson as a reference (and a little of David Lynch, perhaps). I would like people to consider the picture, trying to make up the story themselves, so I carefully selected the details. I wanted them to create together a bright, but not obviously understandable image that people would like to consider and solve by themselves.
Philip-Lorca diCorcia as style reference. Gregory Crewdson as story reference.
50mm lens.

Interior image
I wanted to show library as a place where stories from books come alive. Therefore, I decided to use the scene from the book (having a film version) as the basis for my image. At first, I wanted to do an image based on a Harry Potter story, but then I’ve spent whole weekend watching the Lord of the Rings (and that’s was really awesome by the way). Next morning I woke up with a clear understanding that the scene of the battle of Gandalf with the balrog is a perfect story for this picture. It fits perfectly in the composition of this room, emphasizing a certain “cave” effect that the upper part of the building creates.
LOTR by Peter Jackson as a story reference.
35 mm lens.

Additional image
The idea was to show the impression of the building as abstract as possible, but at the same time understandable. In the beginning I wanted to work with reflection of water in pond but I’ve found this approach too direct. Initially, I wanted to build a story on something interesting in the puddle reflection, so I tried various animals and elements, but then I realized that only the building itself should have main focus in the reflection. I decided to support the story of the exterior shot and add a pigeon to combine these 2 images into one series.
Robert Frank as a story reference. Hugh Ferriss as a concept reference
50mm lens.

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by 3dNinja

Hey everybody, I’ve just finished up putting together my PDF to turn in, so here are the final images I created! My main goal was to put together a story line that ties the three images together. I needed the images to have more than just the building in common in order for there to be a story, so I photographed the same girl and used her as the main character for each different view. We follow her on a day spent at the library, from waiting for the doors to open, to walking home after a rainstorm. I’m really happy with the way each image turned out, and I learned a few new tricks throughout the process!

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Anna Cholan

This competition was very interesting experience for me. The more I learned about the library, the more I
understood how much it overcome. Its architecture shows how important knowledge is in our lives.

When I felt architecture I want to combine its majesty with urban ordinary life. Thus, on the exterior visualization
we can see the light of the rising sun which illuminates the house of knowledge.

For the bustle of everyday life, we forget about the important things that shaped us. We must remember that
without knowledge we would not be today and never will be tomorrow.