Exterior image
My goal was not to make a classical architectural visualization, but a “portrait” of the building, so I used a 50 mm lens and a centric composition. I wanted to emphasize the round shape of the upper part by sliding low sun and the orange color of the building strongly refers to the image of the fire, so I decided to build a color composition of the frame in the low setting sun, adding to it a few barely noticeable artificial light sources to add the feel of a “cinematic” image. I wanted to bring a feeling of an unfinished scene from the film, so I used Gregory Crewdson as a reference (and a little of David Lynch, perhaps). I would like people to consider the picture, trying to make up the story themselves, so I carefully selected the details. I wanted them to create together a bright, but not obviously understandable image that people would like to consider and solve by themselves.
Philip-Lorca diCorcia as style reference. Gregory Crewdson as story reference.
50mm lens.

Interior image
I wanted to show library as a place where stories from books come alive. Therefore, I decided to use the scene from the book (having a film version) as the basis for my image. At first, I wanted to do an image based on a Harry Potter story, but then I’ve spent whole weekend watching the Lord of the Rings (and that’s was really awesome by the way). Next morning I woke up with a clear understanding that the scene of the battle of Gandalf with the balrog is a perfect story for this picture. It fits perfectly in the composition of this room, emphasizing a certain “cave” effect that the upper part of the building creates.
LOTR by Peter Jackson as a story reference.
35 mm lens.

Additional image
The idea was to show the impression of the building as abstract as possible, but at the same time understandable. In the beginning I wanted to work with reflection of water in pond but I’ve found this approach too direct. Initially, I wanted to build a story on something interesting in the puddle reflection, so I tried various animals and elements, but then I realized that only the building itself should have main focus in the reflection. I decided to support the story of the exterior shot and add a pigeon to combine these 2 images into one series.
Robert Frank as a story reference. Hugh Ferriss as a concept reference
50mm lens.

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