A new and exciting challenge is about to begin! Tomorrow is back for the 3rd time and looking for their next star. The best submission will be awarded 1000 Euro cash prize and a well-paid full-time position at Tomorrow with benefits such as social welfare, exercise bonus, field-trips and most of all become a proud Tomorrow team member.

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Uxía Baños

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay, here is my first entry.

My first step is always gathering as much reference as I can. I was also interested in seeing some historial photos of the library, since this challenge’s protagonist is and architectural classic.

Once I’ve studied the building, I always make a mental map of the different pros and cons that I can find, and the strong points that I want to portray. This is my way to discard ideas and sumarize all that I’ve learned in the previous step.

After that comes the concepting, testing ideas. I find it useful to work in 2D to work with the color palette and composition, since once you start in the 3D software is just too easy to get caught up in little details which will not add in the end to the final image. You have to prioritize what matters and what doesn’t. Some of this ideas I’m showing are already discarded, but they are part of my process nonetheless.

Finally, setting on some perspectives and light moods, and start to build up the scene from there. I think I have already a clear understanding of where this is going, and I hope to explain more in future posts.

Provided that the final project will have three different images, I think it would be interesting that they shared a mood or story, so it’s something that I’m going to continue to work on. Nothing is set in stone at this stage, so it’s important to experiment before finally commiting to be completely sure! The main goal of this challenge for me is to learn as much as I can, and to have fun as well!

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by EduardoQ

Hi there,
As soon as I discovered what the object of this challenge would be I started researching to get to know it more in depth and there were a few characteristics that really stood out to me right away. First, it was the lighting, the reasoning behind the rotunda, materials, height, etc. Second, it was the way it is sometimes described as a temple of knowledge. Therefore, I decided to play with these characteristics, the clever solution to illuminate the building and the idea of the library as a temple, a temple of enlightenment.
After having decided on the conceptual approach I started looking for references that could be applied to this project and to think about the best composition and lighting. I’ve decided to go with high sun and hard shadows on the exterior image to give it more depth and a better perception of the building geometry. The interior image will be symmetrical looking to the entrance and stairs but I still haven’t decided on the lighting, I like the way the sun shines on the shelves and on the floor in some parts of year but maybe a more diffuse light will better represent the lighting all around the year and better fit the idea of the ceiling and white walls as a sky. I’ll have it decided and more developed for the next update. The third image will be more intimate, with a viewer contemplating the entrance portal, to show its scale and magnificence, with a low sun shining on the facade.
Talk to you all soon

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Daniel Sillo

The most important thing in the challenge for me is to catch nice mood and present a nice story. During the camera tests I was looking for the nice compositions, but stories were running through in my mind.
By the exterior image the sourrounding elements seemed important elements to me, I decided to create a winter atmosphere, with a dynamic public place. Looking forward to set nice materials and fill the space with contents. The front stairs give another nice viewpoint, which could be an alternative for the exterior.
The second image is gonna be the interior about the central library space. For the third image I tried to find something special, so I walked through the building for hidden secrets. The inspirations were paintings which connected to the function of the building, it would be nice to create a cozy private place/zones, where anyone can spend some time in peace.

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by peter hofstetter

I am testing different views. As the floorplan of the building is square i will go with a square format for my renderings. The first view will showcase the stairs to the main entrance. Completely symmetric as the entire building is. I am going for an autumn mood in the early morning after a rainy night.
For the second camera position i want to play a little bit with the reflections of the water basin in front of the building. The mood should be sunset. Maybe blue hour shot. Still thinking about a winter scene but not quite sure now.
The interior shot will be a from the inside out through the main entrance facing the sun. I want to see if I can recreate the materials I found at my reference pictures. This image will be all about mood.
All in all I have to say that I am not sure if I will finde the time to finish the challange over christmas and my dayjob but I am gonna use this to test some things and to have fun.

Tomorrow 2019 Challenge entry by Jeremy Gamelin

I am mainly looking to create an interesting contrast between the cold shades of the blue winter and the warm orange of the building.

I would like to create a happy atmosphere on a playing field at the foot of the imposing building. This will create a striking contrast between the huge fixed structure and the small, light silhouettes moving on the ice rink.

My main challenge will be to create a realistic and stylized ice shader.

Let’s go !