Welcome to CONVERTED, The 9th International Architectural Design & Visualization Challenge I’m running in partnership with Substance by ADOBE as the Material Category Marquee Sponsor and ASUS as our Hardware sponsor.

Converted entry by Osvaldo da silva

The expression of this Architecture, translated not only the teachings of Le Corbusier’s letter of attention, but also the Modern forms developed in Brazil, the greatest representatives of the modern movement in Angola were the architects Vasco Viera da Costa and Simão de Carvalho, who having being a pupil of Le Corbuier, they had in Angola the space for experimenting with movement, creating rational and functional buildings with well-defined geometric shapes and lack of sense of purpose.
The buildings It is located in Angola on the African continent in the city of Luanda, due to my higher education in architecture, I love to see the modern old buildings and it gives a new function to maintain the same function or even maintain the same function. My country does not know how to treat and value these buildings which + is a great masterpiece on earth. And I always try to show with my art as much as the old buildings can gain a new life and value the work of great architects such as Vasco Viera da Costa and Simão de carvalho.

Converted entry by Reyaz Alankandy

A few years ago, I came across this beautiful piece of architecture on a trip to Kazbegi, Georgia.
Surrounded by frosty bare trees, this abandoned building shied away from the morning sun for a while; or so it seemed. The snow-top mountains add the perfect backdrop to this time-worn property.
It was a while before I learned this is the Stepantsminda Museum of History.
Upon learning the concept of this competition, I must say I was intrigued. I rummaged through ideas and designs, unimpressed until I found images of the museum in my gallery.
My intent is to convert this museum into a minimal, urban-styled public school, revamping the environment with modern and chic elements.

Converted entry by undaba

The emblematic site is in the heart of the historic centre of Bucharest, RO. The corner building is an attraction point being situated in a small piazza and being sorrounded by buildings with different architectural styles and functions. Nowadays the public square is heavily used for parking.
The aim of the project is to recreate the Piazza and re-adapt a former housing space in a creative atelier, a cafe and exhibition hall. They will act as a set for public and/or private events, a meeting point between artists and enthusiasts.

Converted entry by winterman23

Tower was build in the 30s but the concrete structure is still robust and firm. The facility is located near a remote little town surrounded by open fields, a perfect scenery for escapists dream and train enthusiasts. I do have dimensions for this building as I have made an inventory documentation during my years in college. I already have a rough Idea for its conversion which I would like to explore in my next entry but for now I can tell that the main focus of this project and its archviz is going to be to show a mixture between the old and the new but with a twist.

Converted entry by anna kozar

Hello all.
I think that this old tower is a good choice for this challenge.

The tower has almost 100 years of history. It was there in 1945 (most survived part of it) and has been working as a dispatchers tower for main Munich airport till 1982.

Now the tower belongs to BrainLab and has an entertainment function: showroom and corporative events.

I tend to leave things that they are now, but make a little reconstruction and add some new processes, that somehow resemble its glorious past.
Photos were taken from BrainLab and archives.

Converted entry by arquivisuals

I think both buildings have architecture representative of the old, but will there be one that can meet the challenge of being converted to a greater extent?
both buildings are in Manhatan NY

The red building (Delmonico’s Restaurant) is a restaurant and departments
The white building (German Bank Building) was a bank but today works as departments as well

May be to choose something I need create some sketches to develop the best option
I would like read your opinion to help me to decide