The 7th Architectural Visualization Challenge I’m running in partnership with Quixel as the marquee sponsor. The book CABINS by Philip Jodidio and the fantastic illustrations by Marie-Laure Cruschi served as the principal inspiration for this year’s challenge theme. That, and my love for prefab architecture design.

CABINS entry by 1equals2

… a cabin…. where is it situated? what is the purpose? when is the best time to visit it?
… believe one can find great spot for such cabins in each country around the world, or maybe come up with a concept of a planet where to situate them. No matter the location the reason for heading to any cabin would be to explore, to be fascinated by nature, to be alone, or with friends, to find inspiration, to enjoy the weather at its best, to enjoy the freedom… These preliminary sketches aim to show a direction to be explored… the end point is unknown but the guides are there. Do not know if would manage to reach it, but certainly will enjoy the route. Hope You will enjoy this adventure as well!

CABINS entry by trollsroyce

The cabin is a pure experience of nature: a sacral retreat. The triangular form reinforces this holistic experience. The high window is derived from the need to provide an immediate presence to the nature – in this case the northern lights of Finnish Lapland. Simultaneously, the second floor space provides an intimate sleeping space, making the cabin suitable for families or parties.

This will also be a personal experimentation of using GIS data to create real world environments automatically. The Finnish land survey agency has a register of landscape features in vector format. I read these into Autodesk Infraworks through WFS interface and then generate the terrain features (different types of forests, swamps, lakes, hills) based on the survey data. Then I export the model, as large as 4x4km, into 3dsmax where I replace the placeholder terrain types with procedural shaders and forest presets. The end goal is to automate the pipeline fully.

The missing piece is the mark of craftsmanship and I’m hoping to achieve that by first time experimentation with Megascans. You can only get so far with automation, but hopefully Megascans will provide the last touch.

The pictures in this phase are the first day iteration and I’m looking for presentation ideas. The next definite requirement is to look at materials, interior lighting and that clumsy terrain shader (my first try at a procedural shader and first Corona try).

3DSMax + Corona + Forest pack

CABINS entry by Damian Machnik

The idea is to create a small cabin for a person who likes to go out of town to spend their free time at the seaside indulging in their favorite activities. The cabin has two zones from which you can admire the nature – a small glazed bay window or patio that you can open to the world and arrange a barbecue with friends or lie under a blanket and admire the raging storm. The cabin will be placed on a dune between the sea and the forest to become a kind of a man’s link with the surrounding nature.

CABINS entry by MAL

The idea is to suspend a panoramic cabin on a high cliff overlooking the sea ( Blue Vertigo ). At this Stage i don’t know yet if it will be a single unit ( refuge ) or a patchwork of cabins ( kind of eco-resort ). As an interior designer, i don’t want to create a cabin from scratch, i prefer to modify an existing one (recycling will be a must), so i’m thinking to use ship containers !!! For the location , what about Aegean islands ? At this point , i’m still hesitating for the tools… 3dsMax/Corona or UE4 ? As no animation is needed, I will have a better quality using 3DMax but i like the simplicity and the fun of UE4 landscape editor. Voila !! sorry for my English and let’s try to do that.

CABINS entry by 고재훈

At this challenge, I will try to install a log cabin around a lake in a very calm and quiet autumn. A photograph of a writer’s fall lake that I discovered recently in the BEHANCE gave me great inspiration.

I want to reproduce the feeling through this challenge.