For this project I have choose early morning scene inspired from the environment inside the library which is calm, scilence and peaceful. This idea triggerd while I was watching “Monsters University” were there is a library scene in which they had a task to collect there flag whithout making any noise and thats when I got the idea to make a very fresh,calm and peaceful environment and thats how I choose to go with Early morning scene were the first rays of the sun hitting the building and making it glow.

I wanted to keep surrounding as subtle as possible and have a main focus on the the library for which I shown morning rays falling on the building and the surrounding is still in quite dark.

For Interior View I was very confused between couple of camera angles and which camera would go with the exterior concept and while i was looking for references i came across couple of images were sunlight is entering inside the building and creating a beam of rays and thats what i thought will go best with my Interior view were rays of light is entering inside the library and creating a very fresh and calm environment.

For This Project I have used Corona Renderer and Forest pack. I have Used PG HDRI (0839 Cloudy Dawn) for both exterior views.

It was first time I making anyproject like this so i tried to keep it as simple and realistic as possible.

I am very happy with the final output and didnt do much of an editing in photoshop just little bit of colour correction.

I hope you like it too..

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