After Finalizing 1st Camera angle And HDRI (Peter Guthrie HDRI collection) I started adding details and elements into the scene like benches, dustbins, lamp post etc….

Since I completed my Interior Design course last year and didn’t even knew vray or corona till last December since I joined my first job in an Interior design firm were I got chance to make 3d model and learned Corona rendered (1st render software I ever learned) from Sr Architectural visualizer and explored the world of Architectural visualization that I didn’t even knew exist… I was very much interested in making 3d model since we were thought basic 3d max in our college as a part of the course and I really enjoyed making 3d and started learning more through online tutorials just for making college projects and never really knew that I could really take 3d Modeling as a career until I started working..

As working in an Interior design firm I never really got change to make a full composed exterior project so I have taken this challenge to enhance my skill and learn few tools like Forest pack and creating complex Material as I generally use to work with preset material and never required to make such detailed material.
Working on Forest Pack for the first time was quite challenging for me and need to play around with lot of settings and go through number of tutorials to understand the settings and getting the output that I was looking for

Since I am working as an 3D Visualizer and learned render software from Year now and have very different work flow were I work, so for this challenge I am following the work flow that I have observed on Making Of section on this website by amazing artists from around the world..

Camera angle
HDRi and sun lighting setup
Adding details and elements
Material composition
Post production.

Following are few Images of my 1st View WIP…

Any comments are welcome…

Time to move on to 2nd View (Interior)..

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