I was actually working on Tham & Videgård Arkitekter’s House K! and then surprise! surprise! there is a CHALLENGE to work on another Tham & Videgård’s great piece. Well I never would tried to work on this if there never been a CHALLENGE, well thanks to Ronen and Tomorrow for this great opportunity.

It all started with gathering references, plans then I created a MoodBoard to stay on one track and a checklist. I gathered some After Rain City or street images just to get a basic idea to clear out view. I even mocked up a rough concept. Then I started modeling main building based on official plans and elevation, the facades are pretty easy to model same as House K. I had tough time modeling the interior of building but I modeled some how ^_^. I dont want to create too much complex scene, just something simple yet enough to realistic(kind a try to achieve that).

Once the main subject is done I started modeling rest of the scene which is roads, other buildings, some other props to populate the scene. My idea is to set up the whole scene in a after rain urban situation on a corner of street surrounded by some trees, buildings, benches, lamp post and other stuff with WET FEELING!. The scene is created using Blender and rendered in CORONA RENDERER(standalone).
I experimented a lot with different camera angles until which one satisfies my eye. The leaves on the ground are scattered using Particle System and then converting them into single mesh, this is need to be done because CORONA sometime dont render particle from Blender. Trees are hand-placed and a simple alpha-masked tree-line at back.

The scene is lit with just an HDRI. Now for material and shading of main building’s wood I used single wood texture with color correction connected to glossiness and to the bump node. It’s very hard to work with color correction node in Blender for Corona.
The road is textured with diffuse, gloss and bump map. The colorcorection is done right in CORONA Frame Buffer balancing the Post and LightMix.

If I have to redo this assignment I would like to setup it some where in a near lake side in a bright sun scenario with forest running in back.

Well thats all from me.