Before get starting to work I’ve been thinking about the mood of the image. After long deliberations, I stopped on a gloomy mood which usually happens before the storm. Also a great influence on my choice had works of such masters as Bertrand Benoit and Alex Roman. Their works has always seemed to me gloomy and anxious. That is exactly what I find interesting about them.

After selecting the mood, I started to work. I decided that classical composition of frame is more suitable for such buildingand the building was placed in the center of the shot. In the work I tried to use the straight lines that accentuate the construct of the museum. I also thought that it is possible to add water to the image. It gives a nice reflections of the environment and makes the picture more interesting.

After the work has been completed, I saw that the render looks too gray and lifeless. For this I decided to add to the image a little bit of sunshine which gradually absorbs the stormy sky.

In the end I got an image which combines dark stormy mood with inherent cool shades and sun with its warm light.

Thank you for attention.