The last part was post-production. I wanted to use the rest of the time available to play with Photoshop as long as I could, giving me many option of moods to choose in the end. I tried to add snow falling with After Effects, put it in differents times of the day, add sun rays,stars, fog, etc. So I could have many ideas to help me choose a final look.

In the end the most difficult part for me was to organize my thoughts with all the time available. Since I could only work on the weekends, sometimes when I returned to this project I would forget where I had stopped after a full week of other works. I could had finish this earlier, but I wanted to use the most of the given time, to be sure I liked the result, is not everyday someone gives you such a long time to work, and when they do I understand they want you to enjoy it all.

If I would do this challange again i would try a completely different mood/setting, just for the fun of it.